Office Integration Pack

The Office Integration Pack is now an open-source project on CodePlex:

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Sign Logic

Sign Management

Sign Logic is an easy to use, cost effective inventory system that was designed specifically for small to medium sized municipalities.

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What do we do?

Since 1998 our efforts have been focused on developing innovative custom applications for the Microsoft platform. We work closely with our customers to develop tools that address their specific, mission-critical business needs. Our range includes enterprise, desk-top and mobile applications.
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Who are we?

First, and foremost, Grid Logic is a group of developers with an inquisitive nature and a strong desire to understand how technology can benefit business. We also know that technology by itself will not grow your business – it takes understanding of the business application to really affect change. We listen and work closely with the business teams to develop applications tailored to the specific business need, while maintaining our focus on quality and customer satisfaction.
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